Harness the media and entertainment frenzy that is fueled by easy internet access and seamless connectivity across the globe.

Delight customers with quality content streamed from across the leading entertainment industries, or feed them news, data, and information specific to their preferences and choices. Profile customers, innovate products and services, and deliver packages tailored to your audiences' liking. Gain loyalty, run promotions, undertake period/season specific campaigns and reward your customers with superior quality of service.

All on the back of our industry-defined, process-specific solutions. To get a proof-of-concept (POC) specific to your business needs, mail us today: info@techefficio.com

Our offerings for the media and entertainment sector:

  • User (Customer) Experience
  • Engagement / Brand Reinforcement Solutions
  • Media Player (Streaming /Play-back)
  • Content Aggregation / Distribution
  • Promotions
  • Reports
Movie-going experience enriched
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