Businesses have to progressively adopt the 'omni-approach' in every aspect of their functioning.

It's an anytime, anywhere available world where business are expected to provide their offerings to customers at the time, place,and manner in which they want to consume them. What all this means for companies is to transform or align their business in-ine with the market dynamics. Digitalization is at the core of of it all. Almost everything is E-driven: e-bill, e-mail, e-receipt, e-purchase, e-sale, e-alert, e-reminder, e-surveilance, e-complaints, and e-all.

To be available anytime, anhywhere, and provide continuous access to their offerings (products & services) necessitates cloud adoption to the extent their business demands. Cloud computing gives the agility and scalability that modern businesses need. Further, digitalization has also meant that form-factor has gone out of the window - whether it is in the physical store or online, businesses need to provide users the option of exploring, comparing, buying, or just interacting with their brands (business) etc., from the comfort of their chosen devices - be it a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC - the experience must be uniform and seamless across all the channels.

As a result, today's businesses need the speed of internet, the agility and flexibility of cloud ocmputing, and tip-of-finger access to services / offerings, to be able sustain and grow in the age of constantly evolving market dynamics.

Techefficio's teams comprising proven cloud and mobility expertise deliver applications and services to equip our customers with the power and utility of cloud and mobile.

Our mobility (inc. tablet apps.) offerings include:
  • Custom solutions for all industries covering - Sales, Service (Appointment booking, status, feedback), Customer Support, Gaming, Experience Zone, Accessories purchase, etc.
  • Industry and Function / Process Specific Products including - Used cars, Games, Competitions

We create mobile applications,solutions, and experiences on various platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, HTML5, Blackberry OS,etc.,

Cloud Services

Our cloud services include:

  • Application Hosting
  • Migration
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Upgrades
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Platfor-as-a-Service

We enable cloud computing availed through any cloud provider including Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.