An industry-agnostic process and protocol compliance audit tool that comes with a customizable and configurable backend (Content Management System).

Highlights of this mobile and web-based audit solution:
  • Easy creation of various types of check-lists for an audit survey
  • Categorization of questions per business process needs (for any industry domain)
  • Configurable answer types (Y/N, Multiple choice, Text input, etc.)
  • Has in-built provision of the 'Maker-checker' workflow
Features of the AudiTE :
  • New Audit - Create/Start a new audit
  • View Audit - View completed audits
  • Maker-Checker - An auditor undertakes and submits an audit, the approver (checker) reviews and approves or rejects with reasons. Stakeholders are notified.
  • Draft Audit - Start-Stop-Resume-Submit an audit.
  • Reports - Standardized reports with multiple filter options to view the compliance reports.
  • Audit Scheduling and auditor assignment
  • Notifications - Reminders/Alerts to stakeholders
Content Management System (CMS):

e-AudiTE's capabilities are augmented by a fully customizable backend system that equips your audit team to configure the audit (survey) exactly as they want it to be. Further, the system allows you to add/modify/update the following parts of the audit survey:

  • Audit (Add/Update/Delete)
  • Checklists (Multiple) for audits (Add/Update/Delete)
  • Questionnaires
    • Type
    • Quantity
  • Answer Type.
    • Yes or No
    • Multiple Choice
    • Text input field
  • User Management
    • Role (Add/Delete/Modify)
    • Access & Action Allowed (permissions)
  • Audit Scheduling and Auditor assignment
  • Analytics (Telemetry)

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