IoT infuses life into objects so they can be more purposeful and helpful to us mankind.

From industrial applications such as in manufacturing (vehicles, robotic arms, repair, maintenance, etc.) and agriculture (soil, climate, and rainfall data), and consumer use as in smart-homes and elder care, to commercial and infrastructure applications such as healthcare, transportation, energy management, climate monitoring, and large-scale urban deployments (smart-grids, smart-meters, analytics,knowledge parks,etc.), IoT has numerous proven benefits for all.

We at Techefficio acknowledge and understand the potential and immense promise of IoT application in every sphere of life - be it for individual use or for businesses.

Our team has, in various capacities so far, created and successfully implemented some IoT solutions that have had measurable impact on our clients' businesses such as telematics apps for vehicle manufacturers with which they could capture crucial data including vehicle performance, usage, breakdowns, etc., or a sensor and GPR driven promotional campaign that involved participants' (target users) devices as the primary source of precious data collection.

Regardless of which industry segment you operate in, IoT applications can make your products / offerings deliver more value to your customers than they otherwise would. Therefore, let us connect to discuss and assess how we can help you make the best use of IoT solutions for the benefit of your business.