VoiCh™ is TechEfficio’s AI-powered, twin-module virtual customer connect solution. A single platform that supports both customer self-service as well as and out-bound customer interaction.
It complements the efforts of your customer support team by providing a consistent communication experience across multiple channels such as a phone call (IVR) or chat (website/app) – by undertaking low-intelligence jobs such as a service / test-drive booking, etc., especially when all your executives may be busy attending to other customers.
VoiCh™ facilitates utmost user satisfaction to all the callers/users who connect with your customer desk (via a call centre/hotline or a chat option on a designated website).
It also enables you to undertake outbound communication (initiatives) such as marketing, service calls, reminders, etc.

Benefits of VoiCh™ for your business

Real-time response

to customers trying reaching out to you. No more waiting, no repetitive /redundant navigations before arriving at the purpose

Customer satisfaction

Ensures clients do not get disenchanted like it happens with the excessive steps and the inordinate delay experienced of the regular IVR systems.

Cost reduction

Faster TAT, optimal resource usage (Manpower, infrastructure, etc.), efficient customer servicing.

Agent efficiency

AI-enabled, topic-based, and intent-based efficient routing, when required.

VoiCh™ supports three modes of customer connect to accelerate issue resolution/meeting the purpose (requirement) of the customer connect – with a consistent and easy-to-use experience throughout.
1) Voice-bot
2) Chat-bot
3) AI-assisted call-routing to an agent/team

1. VoiCh™ Voice-bot

The VoiCh™ voice-bot serves the twin purposes via voice-based activities – i) In-bound, and ii) Out-bound In-bound customer query/request handling using speech recognition technology / natural language understanding(processing.
VoiCh™ pulls up the history of interaction with the caller, and initiates a conversation with the relevant/latest information at its disposal, to fulfil the purpose of the request(call).
For a 1st time caller (but not a customer), e.g. someone seeking info such as car price, model price, availability, etc., then VoiCh™ tries to identify if it is a lead and proceed accordingly, followed by proposing a test drive, call back, etc.
In any of the scenarios, VoiCh™ asks voice-questions depending on whether it’s an after-sales or pre-sales related call, and drives the conversation accordingly towards a fruitful resolution/result.
Comes with intent chaining implemented for cross-sell, up-sell (Insurance, finance options, accessories)

Out-bound customer communication (efforts)

VoiCh™ can do outbound calls to customers to support interactive communication such as,
• Marketing (Offers, new models information, promotional activity, test-drive, etc.).
• Service (Reminder, book an appointment, pick-up scheduling, etc.)
• Reminders (about parts availability, variant / model availability, test-drive, dispatch /account notifications, appointment, etc.).
VoiCh ™ offers support for English (US/Indian) and Hindi languages.

2. VoiCh™ Chat-bot:

This feature provides an AI-powered interactive chat option that allows for intelligent communication with customers/users trying to connect with client via a chat option under both circumstances i.e., i) User/customer initiated, and ii) AI-engine initiated conversation.
User/Customer initiated

If existing customer, pulls up history from DB, and initiates conversation (relevant/latest) information, to fulfil the request purpose.

  • If 1st time user, go through pre-defined steps to identity intent, and further, predict the next question or requirement, and eventually, lead the user to some meaningful resolution of the issue (purpose of interaction).
    • E.g. someone seeking info such as car price, model price, availability, etc.) - identify if it is a lead and proceed accordingly, followed by proposing a test drive, call back, etc.
  • The VoiCh™ asks questions depending on whether it’s an after-sales or pre-sales related query, and drives the conversation accordingly towards a fruitful resolution/result.
AI-Engine initiated conversation

This will support mostly when a user is on a specific offering (vehicle model) page/screen, but we can also initiate a conversation on any page/screen depending on the duration of the user on the site (via intent/interest assessment).

  • Marketing (Offers, new models, promotional activity, test-drive, etc.)
  • Lead generation basis the conversation flow
  • Take request for a call back

VoiCh™ offers support for English (US/Indian) and Hindi languages.

3. VoiCh™ Call routing (to a designated agent)

The third option, VoiCh™ Call routing, comes into play only if, at any point during the conversation, VoiCh™ (voice/chat) is unable to proceed further with a request, or give a resolution/satisfactory answer to the caller/customer/prospect. The AI-engine identifies the most suitable agent/team, basis established models relating to the topic/request, and routes the call/request to your best-fit agent for the purpose/topic. Further, it will intimate/inform the user that it is now going to route/redirect this query to an agent/representative.

VoiCh™ - Solution Insights

• Gathers all historical data of customers’ requests from every channel (email, web, social media).
• Looks for patterns, and segments requests into various categories (billing, product questions, marketing, technical support, etc.)
• Channel-agnostic communication by integrating all channels into a single platform in order to save time for caller/user, who do not have to switch between apps and accounts.
• View all of your customer service requests in one queue
• AI-suggested answers and algorithm-selected best replies to a query to help the customers get satisfactory answers in an easy and user-friendly way.

VoiCh™ - Process Flow:

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