Deliver experiences in sync with the digital age.

The financial services sector has been one of the early adopters in the digital age. The sector continues to evolve and benefit from the advantage afforded it by emerging technologies that help in the best delivery of financial services to customers.

Techefficio’s expertise lies in harnessing the power of various technology innovations to enable our clients from the financial sector transition fully and ever-so-smoothly into the digital age.

Our offerings for the sector include:

Customer Journey / Experience

Customer journey was never so crucial like it is now in the digital age for financial services companies. Aspects such as customer categorization / segmentation, profiling, needs, and expectations are some of the bases for product / service innovation, delivery, support, and customer satisfaction.
Over and beyond this there is the critical aspect of customer experience – as in how (touch-points, interactions, form-factor, etc.), where (anywhere) and when (anytime) the customer wants to consume the offerings.

Techefficio’s solutions specifically cater to these business transformation needs through the following offerings:

  • Product Catalogues
  • Product/Price Mix
Backward / Forward Integration
  • Credit history checks (Discipline, score, etc.)
  • Bank / Insurance alliance (Cross/Up Sells)