Redefine Your Customer Experiences, Tickle Their Senses, and Take Sales Enablement to the Next Level.

The age of digital is well and truly here. Technology innovations are redefining numerous walks of life by taking user interaction and engagement to the most intricate levels. Thus transformation in how we live, work, and enjoy is already underway. A blend of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions beckon your business transformation in the digital age. Time businesses embraced and made the most of these emerging avenues.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality applications allow you to take users into a new environment that you want them to explore and experience. There's so much your business can benefit from the right implementation of VR.

Just digitally replace your real world, and power your every day actions with virtual reality. Immerse users in enhanced experiences facilitated by VR in terms of how they process information and engage with the content. Go anywhere and do anything with help of gadgets such as headsets, headphones, and other sense affecting technologies.

Some proven areas of VR application:

  • Product Visualization and Brand Promotion
  • Product Development and Validation
  • Simulation, testing, review, and course-correction / enhancements, as the case may be.
  • Training

Industries - Automotive, Health, HiTech, Apparel, Gaming, Media & Entertainment, Travel / Tourism

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR allows you to quickly test prototypes and designs giving you a sense of how it could be in the real world. That way the experiences and the details thereof (brand, offering, positioning, etc.) stay on longer in the mind of the users. In a world where the real and virtual combine to provide contextual information, thereby enhancing the user's sense of reality of just about anything.

  • Product Visualization and Brand Promotion
  • Product Development and Validation
  • Workforce Training.
  • Enterprise / Shop-floor Monitoring - monitor and act upon the dynamic and ever-evolving plant data.

Industries - Automotive, Health, Apparel, Publishing, Gaming (Avatars, etc.) Social Media Engagement (of fans, followers etc), Travel / Tourism (virtual destinations), etc.

Mixed Reality

Simple gesture control, voice recognition, and space mapping drives mixed reality experiences that allows professionals to create and collaborate on virtual layouts for physical spaces, interactive story telling, branding, promotion, etc.

Movie-going experience enriched
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