Heightened customer experience via AR at INOX.

Our client, INOX Leisure Ltd., is one of India's largest multiplex chains operating 147 multiplexes (626 screens) across 68 cities across the country. INOX has a history of being on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to ensuring partons engagement and movie-going experiences.

Challenge / Business requirement

The client wanted to provide entertainment for their patrons when in their cinema arcades – before the screening of a movie began. The expectation was to deliver a set of engaging and intuitive experiences without the patrons having to use any device – it would have to be all-natural user interaction (wave of a hand, tap in the air, body movements, etc.).

Our Solution / Approach
  • An Augmented Reality (AR) powered experience wherein the user enters a photo booth and selects a character/template from the options provided, and then sort of photobombs into a predefined scene or clicks a selfie with a celebrity.
  • Photos to user easily delivered - no photo printouts! Immediate photo delivery to the user via email or text SMS with a downloadable link within seconds upon exiting the selfie booth, this enables sharing the amazing captures on social media to achieve further brand engagement.