Generate and publish myriad content - at the snap of your finger.

EaseOfAI™, our AI-powered automatic article publisher helps you instantly generate and publish topic-based, standard-format articles (content, context, narrative) that do not require editorial oversight or analysis.

Highlights of EaseOfAI™:

Clockwork-like content curation, article generation, and publishing

Zero to minimal editorial insights (or oversight) required

Minimizes the impact of human errors and omissions – the AI-engine is smart, diligent, and mindful too!

Human intervention limited to non-coding and non-technical work such as adding or updating data to an Excel/Google sheet.

Content Management System (CMS) not required

No coding or CMS required.

You have to just define the topics and a set of business (or content) rules/templates once for various types of scenarios regarding a topic. Whenever required, you also get the option of configuring the topics and rules per business dynamics. Thereafter, all your team has to do is just add the data, periodically or as needed, in the relevant fields(cells) of an Excel/Google sheet (it can even pick data from open data APIs) and, then, leave it to EaseOfAI™ to do the rest. The AI picks the template (images, graph, video clips, text, etc.) depending on the business rules you have set. Your content (article, presentations, video, document, etc.) is ready to be published – just like that.

Curated and concise content

Irrespective of the topic, our smart-publishing framework helps you to focus on creative efforts towards complex analysis work (articles, PPTs, etc.) without being hampered by the need to generate and publish standard fare – such as daily bulletins (text/videos), the stock market (indices performance), industry news, weather updates, sports (IPL scores), pollution levels, economy (GDP, etc.), or elections (trends/results, gains, losses, etc.) – which is equally significant for your publication landscape.

AI-at-work, for context-identification and much more

You are now equipped with the ease of generating and publishing standard content – like clock-work- with the help of EaseOfAI™.

It self-learns, over-time, the type and context of the content to be generated and published - based on the datapoints fed by you via an Excel or Google sheet, or through external APIs - to select the most appropriate and conditional template required to publish the desired content in no time.

Optimal control, no loose ends.

What’s more, you also have the flexibility of setting the conditions – through the excel/Google sheets/APIs – as to which articles can be directly published after auto-generation, and which need to go through a quick-review and approval by the editorial team before publishing.

Channel marketing via a different mode.

Another very useful purpose for which you can use EaseOfAI™ is to automatically generate and publish special-purpose standard format articles meant for targeted PR activity such as a product review or launch.

Win-win for both advertisers and publishers.

This functionality also comes with the option to include campaigns of specific vendors/businesses (URL links/redirection). Such as a smart-phone model review by an industry influencer/SME, and that is accompanied by a call-to-action such as a link to the respective product page (company site/app).

All you’ve got to do is input the data in the excel/Google sheet (à la filling in the blanks). Every sheet(tab) is a category inside which you can update thumbnail image(s), clips, images for videos, article headings, sub-headings, article text, product(s), description, page URL (link) for redirection, and even set a featured article (standard page view), etc. And you are jet-set-go!

EaseOfAI™ is offered in a SaaS model: No minimum commitments, and no limitations. Scale up or down, as you want.
Get your PoC today! Contact easeofai@techefficio.com or call +91 9000611613.

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