Interactive Learning Management System

KlugZent™ enables organizations to easily conduct e-training/learning for their workforce/students. It is a cross-platform (web/mobile) app that makes training/learning exciting and engaging while also easing the learning process by harnessing the power of technology to achieve the desired impact

Highlights of KlugZent™ LMS
  • Platform-agnostic: Responsive web (internet & intranet) and mobile (Android & iOS with online-offline option).
  • Training & assessment interchangeably (mobile & web).
  • Virtual classroom option, & interactive training/learning using multi-media.
  • Chat bots to assist trainees/earners.
  • Knowledge repository (training material).
  • Moderation (content, activity, interaction).
  • Report (Performance, attendance, courses, status, etc.)
  • Notifications (In-app & push) and alerts
  • Analytics
  • Robust admin portal
  • Masters
  • User management
  • Trainee
  • Courses /Questions bank

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