Transform all your business processes for success in the digital age.

Techefficio’s at a vantage point with its proven expertise in delivering a wide range of custom business solutions for the automotive industry. Our solutions for the industry cover the entire gamut of operational units and processes, giving stake-holders greater visibility and increased control of day-to-day business functioning as well as the capacity to make timely and informed decisions.

The solutions, powered by some of the most defining technological innovations such as augmented / virtual / mixed reality, cloud computing, smart-gadgets, and telematics, help facilitate the smooth transformation of the automobile business into the digital age.

Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Empower your dealer network to deliver the best customer service
  • Implement standard practices and policies across dealerships
  • Ensuring territorial / dealer-area integrity vis-à-vis pricing and inventory
  • Orchestrate promotions, offers, discounts, and campaigns
  • Enable effective leads management
  • Optimize inventory management and related cost
  • Deliver superior after-sales service to customers
  • Ensure brand, quality, and service uniformity across the dealer network
Sales Enablement
  • Equip salesmen with all the knowledge and information required to convert a prospect into a lead/customer
  • Deliver heightened customer experiences (Miles & smiles)
    • Provide prospects a virtual tour of the company’s various models and variants through the TE-Configurator.
    • Feature drill-downs to let them get an almost real-feel of the vehicles and its benefits before actually buying
    • Allow easy and comprehensive comparison with corresponding models / variants of competing brands
    • Facilitate informed and satisfied purchase decisions
    • Run tailored campaigns (promotions, seasonal offers/discounts, etc.)
    • Supervise, aid, and capture leads (generation to reporting and follow-ups)
  • Facilitate easy financing where available (Calculations, bank options, etc.)
Sales Enablement
Utilize cross/up-sell opportunities to fuel additional exposure and revenues

The solutions offer ample scope for effective cross-sell / up-sell opportunities thus opening up new avenues for margins/revenue growth. Make good of these options by aligning with banks, accessories makers, insurance providers, and car decor companies, and sell their respective products such as car loans, insurance, accessories and designs/decors.

Vehicle Service

Strengthen customer relationship with effective and fully satisfactory after-sales services. (Follow-ups, schedule an appointment, job-card creation, service quality check, invoicing, quote, charge/tariff approvals, feedback / input review, complaint redressal, etc.)

Vehicle Service
Used Cars Business

Continuously deliver value to your customers and achieve enhanced brand goodwill through a platform that enables sale-purchase-exchange of used cars, thus lending an additional dimension to the target segment, and catering to it with all-round precision.


It’s a connected world driven by the demand for high process and cost efficiency. Techefficio builds IoT-based solutions that capture sensor data from vehicles to run analytics and generate accurate custom reports on key performance metrics which help business-owners, engineers, and vehicles owners alike in numerous ways.

Annual Maintenance and Support

Right from continuous management and supervision of your enterprise applications (customer-facing as well as backend) facilitated by a dedicated Content Management System (CMS) for updating/modifying brand assets (models, offers, combos, pricing, brochures, etc.) to handling dealer queries regarding application(s) usage to issue handling, we have got you covered. So your sales and operations team can focus on their core areas and deliver the desired results.