One App for Everything

Our client, BMW Group, is a multinational automobile company producing luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

Challenge / Business requirement

To develop a coherent and holistic mobile application platform for all units across APAC markets so as to provide a superior and consistent customer experience across the digital channel. The primary challenge was to cater to different markets having varied application requirements (features and usability).

Our Solution / Approach

Created a framework considering the roadmap of covering the whole of APAC market by analyzing the requirements of the applications in terms of the following:

  • UI/UX
    Consistent and intuitive user experience keeping in mind the global usage of the app.
  • Integrations
    Global User Data, Finance, CRM, DMS, After Sales Services, Payment Gateway, Analytics, Maps, and Telematics.
  • Framework
    • Loosely coupled integrations for maximum reusability of the components
    • Build scalable mobile app architecture with plug-and-play modeled integrations in order to cater to the feature differences between markets
    • Microservices Architecture for the APIs

Single customer application for the whole of Asia-Pacific allowing users to have a single app to connect with the various offerings and services of BMW.


Front end:
• React Native (Development)

Back end:
• Java Spring boot