How can we address at least some business challenges forced upon us by the pandemic?

Admittedly, while there is hope, there’s no sure-shot way of insulating a business from the disastrous-effects of COVID-19 as long as customers and the target market is neither safe nor feels protected.

Every endeavour to restore activity akin to pre-pandemic times can be as risk-laden as anything else that we have seen until we have fully eliminated the hazard. Uncertainty continues to prevail despite many reassuring efforts by the government, agencies, health-care providers, and on-the-ground bodies/functionaries.

Therefore, the underlying aspect here is although life seems to be trying to limp back to earlier times, it is nowhere near the normalcy of the past. In fact, it may be a very long time before we can claw back and resume life as it was before the coronavirus had struck. Reports of a new strain of the virus being found and its spread (has already set about wreaking havoc similar to the one that we all had been grappling with – without much success- for well over a year) are adding to the despair. Therefore, complete respite may take much longer than we expected.

However, we can’t sit back and wait for things to improve by themselves. At least some type of businesses can look to revive by innovating and adopting customer touchpoints/interactions that are safe as well as reasonably effective (though not as much as it would be through direct, in-person, and physical modes). Some, including our clients, have already started doing that.

In fact, rural, small business have shown much resilience by continuing to live the way they used to when they hadn’t so much as even heard of this deadly virus (My personal observation while I was in the countryside for 3 weeks for a family exigency). One of the reasons they have been able to do it quite safely is there isn’t much people movement (except when there was an influx of city folk that were driven back to their villages by the adversities brought upon by the pandemic). Secondly, the very nature of rural life has meant that they barely come into contact with outsiders as most of the time they are either in their farm-lands or inside their homes.

Whatever little convergence needs to happen, does so between co-villagers – people who haven’t been exposed to the virus threat, or who have been but are left untouched by it (Thank God!). Thus, allowing the villagers to carry on with their lives more or less the same way they used to earlier. 

But the problem with urban areas – metros, towns, business centres is that there has been a criminal disregard to other people’s lives by those that are moving about unabashed, not following the safety guidelines or health advisories, and a general apathy to any harm that can be rendered to commoners because of mass gatherings, traffic movements, etc.

All this has resulted in people-centric business activities taking a hit, with company managements seemingly lost on how to survive the impact, much less sustain. 

Thus, we, at TechEfficio, wanted to contribute our bit in helping businesses overcome the hardships they have had to face due to corona virus. The endeavour was aimed at both — to continue sustaining ourselves in the prevailing times as well as to have our work produce some social impact. Therefore, in our quest to address the situation (in our own way), we have designed (and are actively designing) solutions that enable some aspects of business activity/operations to be resumed and undertaken safely – in a contactless manner, by not only eliminating the risk of transmission to a great extent but also ushering a new approach towards enterprise/business activity that could be the norm for quite some time to come.

Here’s a peek into some of our relevant offerings:

1. Online retail (groceries)

  • Ecommerce portals
    • Online research and purchase, contactless doorstep delivery
    • Online purchase, scheduled pick-up/delivery from store
  • Social purchase/sale

*Vertical-specific and process-centric custom-solutions for clients.

2. Virtual showrooms

  • Customer interaction/engagement
  • Product exploration (Type/color/size/variant/design/brand etc.)
  • Virtual fitting/trial
  • On-line dales demo (Live/pre-recorded walk-through)

 *Vertical-specific and process-centric custom-solutions for clients.

3. Digital content delivery (for the media and entertainment industry) via OTT platforms (while you cannot take away the thrill and experience of movie-going in cinemas) and publishing.

EaseOfAI™ for automated and smart content generation and publishing.

4.  Services (Bill payments – utilities, etc., – service requests, support, deliveries)

VoiCh is an AI-based voice and chat bot to augment customer support  efforts.

5.  Education (Classrooms and training)

  • Content repositories (Anytime, anywhere accessible)
    • Virtual Classrooms  (Live video sessions)
    • Assessment (Management / Administration / Supervision)
  • Reporting

KlugZent™ LMS enables contactless, BIY, anytime-anywhere training/learning.

 6. Public / work-force safety

IoT / LoRa (Low Radio) solution – Pre-emptive safety alert mechanism powered by sensors manning various applications comprising air/water/oil pressure mechanisms.  

TechEfficio has been proactively building the above solutions — by employing a combination of technology platforms and services such as AR, VR, MR, AI, ML, Mobile apps, cloud,  video conferencing tools, etc.,– to facilitate effective business operations without posing any risk to customers or the workforce.

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